About us

About Us

Bariq Medical Engineering is a member in El Dawlia Group where we have been providing health care services & medical engineering solution across Egypt for more than 8 years.

Bariq Medical Engineering is a professionally managed organization with a team of well-qualified engineers, technicians and market expertise, with only one ultimate goal to make a difference in the Egyptian medical devices market.

Our differentiation strategy has been built on the highest standards of products quality accompanied by the excellent after sale services, as we believe that our clients are our first ambassadors in the market, and keeping them satisfied is a goal that cannot be waived.


Everyone at Bariq is committed to develop our clients’ internal workflows, insuring to increase productivity, quality and driving down costs.


With a close focus on our valuables clients’ needs & requirements, Bariq is a leading provider of products and services for printing medical images and information that improve workflow efficiency and drive down costs.